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Preakness Stakes


Flowers - Black-eyed Susan:
The black-eyed Susan is the Maryland state flower and in 1940 the tradition began of giving them to the winner. It has yellow leaves and it is black in the middle. The floral arrangement for the Preakness winner consists of about 2000 blooms sewn on to a mesh of black rubber and decorated with a variety of greens.

Slogan - "The Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown":
Preakness loyalists argue that this race is the most exciting of the three races.

Theme Song - "Maryland, My Maryland"

Beverage - Black-eyed Susan:
Named after the filly race held the day before the Preakness, the Black-eyed Susan contains two lemons, one orange, a half a teaspoon of sugar, and one shot of bourbon. After shaking the ingredients, pour over crushed ice.

Color Painting - The Weathervane:
Shortly after the horses cross the finish line, a painter climbs a ladder to the top of a replica of the Old Clubhouse cupola. He applies the colors of the victorious owner's silks on the weather vane atop the infield structure. The practice started in 1909 at Pimlico when a horse and rider weather vane sat at the top of the old Members Clubhouse, constructed in 1870.

Special Event - Alibi Breakfast:
Started in the 1920's, participants have breakfast at Pimlico on the Friday morning before the Preakness. The table founded in the Old Clubhouse is set up early in the morning while sr. trainers, racing officials, and other guests drop by during training hours. They have coffee and a snack and swap racing stories. Many tales involved details of losing bets, hence the name Alibi Table.

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