Quick Facts
Slew's Headpiece
Throughout Slew's 2-year-old campaign he wore a ring bit to secure his tongue, but from the start of his 3-year-old campaign and ever since he wore an inverted Y distinctive headpiece made by Sure-Win.

"Seattle Slew"
The name Seattle Slew was chosen by Karen, owner of Seattle Slew, to reflect their background in the Northwest, as well as, their logging business where the old timers had sloughs which were slides or chutes that were used so logs would go down the river. Another reason was because their friend Jim Hill was from South Florida where there were pools of water known as sloughs. Karen didn't like the spelling slough but preferred the look of Slew. She also liked the alliteration using letters in succession like SS in Seattle Slew as was done previously with LL for their stakes winner Lexington Laugh.

The Silks
Karen chose the Yellow and Black colors for the silks so that they would be easily spotted from the grandstand.

Slew had two trainers during his career, Billy Turner (1-10) and Doug Peterson (11-17).

Slew had two grooms, John Polston at the track and Tom Wade on the farm.

Exercise Rider
Slew had only one exercise rider, Mike Kennedy.

Undefeated Triple
To this day, Slew is the only Triple Crown winner to complete the feat with an undefeated record. After winning the Belmont and the Triple, Slew's record was 9-0.

Triple vs. Triple
In the 1978 Marlboro Cup, Slew and Affirmed became the only two Triple Crown winners to race in competition. Slew won the race by 3 lengths over Affirmed. They would race again a month later in the Gold Cup. Slew took second in a photo finish, with Affirmed well behind.

Seattle Slew's Triple Crown Payouts
1977 Kentucky Derby - $2 mutuels paid - Seattle Slew, $3.00 win, $2.80 place, $2.80 show 1977 Preakness Stakes - $2 mutuels paid - Seattle Slew, $2.80 win, $2.80 place, $2.20 show 1977 Belmont Stakes - $2 mutuels paid - Seattle Slew, $2.80 win, $2.60 place, $2.20 show

Seattle's Slew Height
Seattle Slew was 16 hands tall.


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