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Kentucky Derby


Flowers - Rose:
The floral arrangement for the Kentucky Derby winner has been called a wreath, a blanket, and a garland since the first presentation in the 1890s. It uses 500 of the darkest red roses and greenery stitched on a cloth-backed blanket.

Slogan - "Run for the Roses:
In 1925 the late Bill Corum, a New York sports columnist, dubbed the race the "Run for the Roses."

Theme Song - "My Old Kentucky Home"

Beverage - Mint Julep:
The traditional beverage of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby is the "Mint Julep". Fill a chilled julep cup with finely crushed ice; pour in half a tablespoon of mint-flavored syrup and 2 ounces of Early Times Kentucky Whiskey.

Color Painting - Artist's Interpretation:
Churchill Downs selects an artist each year to paint an interpretation of the Kentucky Derby. A print series of the painting is sold throughout the event and replicated on t-shirts and souvenirs.

Special Event - Kentucky Derby Festival:
The festival surrounding the Derby has grown to include over 70 events including a last of its kind steamboat race on the Ohio River. The race is held between two boats -the Delta Queen and the Belle of Louisville, with the winner receiving a plaque titled "the Golden Antlers Award."

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