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5/7/22 - Derby Day 2022

On this exact day, 45 years ago, Seattle Slew made dreams come true by showing the world the kind of champion he was on the greatest stage in Kentucky. Winning the Kentucky Derby before going on to take the Triple Crown having never lost and then coming back as a four-year-old to face even bigger challenges and secure unmatched accomplishments, Slew was quite simply a legend.

For more than two decades, each May 7 was a day for celebrating and remembering your glorious Run for the Roses. When you fought your way to the lead in front of the crowd the first time and dominated the race to charge under the finish line alone and, as we knew you would, in first. That amazing day will never be forgotten.

But now, for the last two decades, our memories of that unforgettable winning day are mixed with memories of the unbearable sadness that came in 2002. When world-class medical care and all the love in the world could not overcome time.

Our Seattle Slew, you were always so amazing and intelligent. You fought every battle sent your way the only way you could, with unmatched strength and determination to be the best, to challenge anyone who dare doubt you to try and look you in the eye again, to show the world again and again that you would be first and be unforgettable.

We could not be more proud of you, Slew. You filled our lives with your greatness and our love for you will never end.

All our love,

The Slew Crew

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