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5/7/22 - Remembering Slew

The following message was sent along with roses to Slew today.


May 7, 1977, 45 years ago, you were the undefeated Two-Year-Old Champion with speed, courage and heart.

The critics said that Billy was going "to walk you to the Derby," but he knew best. You and Mike Kennedy were such a team as you galloped in the mornings.

It is Derby Day and this is your Destiny.

Going through the tunnel, the band hit the cymbals and you were on your toes. In the paddock, water washed off of you like a running hose. I knew you weren't nervous because you weren't shaking but we still needed racing luck. As Chic Anderson announced that "Seattle Slew broke slowly" nearly unseating Cruguet, you charged through horses to be in front. Mickey said, "No horse wins going :22 1/5 the first quarter," but you looked back at For the Moment and Angle Cordero with that "eye" and the rest is history.

We were so very proud of you. We knew you were the Greatest. You loved to race.

You left us with so many memories and we were so fortunate to be your owners and caretakers.

Happy Derby Day!

We celebrate this day 45 years ago.

You were a gift from God.

God Bless You,

Karen & Mickey

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