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5/7/24 - May 7

Forty-seven years ago on this date, Slew, you won the Kentucky Derby and remained undefeated.

You overcame every obstacle thrown at you. The Derby eve alfalfa scare, the cymbals as you passed in front, the paddock and the gate. You fought your way to the front and stared down For The Moment and Angel Cordero. You gave them your eye and they feared you.

You were determined to fulfill your destiny. We were so proud of you, and hundreds of friends and loggers joined in your victory celebration.

You left us May 7, 2002.

You had speed, courage and intelligence, and you were so independent. You did everything your way.

You had a presence of greatness. And you left such a legacy for the Thoroughbred world.

We had a heart connection, and you have a piece of my heart. Your memories are with us everyday.

We love you, Slew.

God Bless You,

Karen & Mickey

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