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5/7/17 - Remembering Your Triumphs and Shedding Tears

Yesterday, a colt sharing your blood won the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby over the same track you dominated 40 years ago today. We cheered him on as he led the field to the finish line and celebrated his win.

But, we were thinking of you, our beloved Slew. To that day in 1977 when you refused to be pushed back by the others around you and you fought your way to the front. To when you took the lead and dared any of them to try and keep up with you. To that unforgettable moment when you charged down the stretch and fulfilled your destiny by winning the Derby. A blanket of roses has never looked so good across the withers of a Derby winner.

And as we have for the last 15 years, while we celebrate your sensational feat that day, we remember your last moments with us. You were always so strong and so determined to be the best and to overcome everything. As amazing as you were on the racetrack, your triumphs the last two years of your life were unmatched. You showed us strength and grit and amazed us with your ability to overcome a terrible obstacle. And you fought until the very end to continue being our amazing Slew.

We were blessed to have you in our lives. And we love you and celebrate you every moment of every day. You are always in our hearts.

All our love,

The Slew Crew

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