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12/19/16 - Remembering Dr. Bagby

George Bagby, MD, who invented the Bagby Bone Basket, which became known as the Seattle Slew Basket after it was successfully implanted in Seattle Slew's spine to extend his life, passed away at the age of 93 on Dec. 12, 2016. A renowned surgeon, Dr. Bagby worked with veterinarian surgeon Dr. Barrie Grant and his team of specialists to treat wobbler syndrome in thoroughbreds long before spinal compression impacted Seattle Slew.

Dr. Bagby's invention not only saved Slew's life, it improved the quality of his life. Seattle Slew lived for two more years after his initial surgery, showing us his tremendous strength and spirit to overcome obstacles. For that and the extra time we were given with Slew, we will always owe Dr. Bagby our gratitude.

Forever grateful,

The Slew Crew

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