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5/7/16 - Celebrating Seattle Slew

Today, they will run the Kentucky Derby around that same fantastic oval where you left your mark. And under the Twin Spires, a blanket of roses will be laid across the withers of the newest winner. We will, of course, be cheering on each and every starter who boasts your blood in their veins.

But we will be thinking of you, dear Slew. Of that May 7 when you fought your way to the front, so that your competitors knew you would not give up and you would not be defeated. When we were able to watch you dominate your Derby.

And we will be remembering that May 7, not too long ago, when you looked at us one last time. Our champion, you knew your mark would remain and you would never truly be gone. Each time your progeny step into the gate, they carry your immeasurable legacy on their backs. Through them, you will live forever.

In our hearts, you will live forever too. We love you and miss you, Slew. We celebrate you and remember you today and always.

All our love,

Your Crew

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